Who Are The Escaped Aussies?

We're a group of sailing enthusiasts from all over the world who have an Australian background in common. We keep in touch and see the world by sailing in regattas all over the planet. Through our sailing we hope to accomplish each of the following...


The Escaped Aussies are a global group of friends that experience the world by participating in the world’s best regattas.


No professionals here, we compete hard but make learning a priority for our team. EA also shares information on all the regattas we race in to make the world of sailing a smaller place. We also produce and share a detailed Manual (Word Doc) on how to prepare for and win a Regatta.


We take our sailing and our sponsors seriously. We also realize that there are more ways to win than being first across the line.

Give Back

The Escaped Aussies make a substantial charitable contribution to the local communities we race in. Sailors in these regattas realize how lucky they are and willingly support those less fortunate.